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Dr Ron

About Me

My passion and mission is to facilitate healing, growth, & evolution of consciousness, through chiropractic, whole food nutrition, & functional neurology.

After earning a BA in psychology and working as a certified massage therapist, I earned my Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West in 2005.  I was introduced to the concepts of Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI) in my first year of chiropractic college and have been an avid student of its principles since. 

I hope to bring passion and enthusiasm to the study and practice of clinical nutrition, the formulation of specific nutritional protocols using high quality whole food, herbal and homeopathic supplements to bring about balance and healing. My own experiences with pregnancy and my daughter's infancy profoundly influenced my understanding of the power that optimum nutritional support provides to the healing process. Have no fear! I have no interest in taking away anyone's vices, just in upgrading them. :)

I also utilize advanced functional neurology incorporating muscle testing to facilitate efficient recovery from past traumatic experiences.

Yup, I'm a geek.  And I love it.

I enjoy a good cup of coffee, reading, hiking, music, nature in all its glory, and taking my daughter to ‘geeky Marvel Movies’, especially on opening night.

I look forward to serving the  the Central Coast community and am delighted to be living close to beach with warmer weather. 

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