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Clinical Nutrition

It is good to feel well and be vitalized!

Increased stress, a diet that no longer resembles what our genetic coding was designed for, and toxic exposure that exceeds our normal abilities have all become part of the “normal” human landscape. In this modern world, nutritional deficiencies and chronic degenerative changes are common.

Through my advanced nutritional training I can offer a comprehensive nutritional evaluation with a custom designed program to fit your individual health profile. Supportive recommendations typically include concentrated whole food supplements by Standard Process and gradual diet modification.


Eating organically grown whole-foods is the oldest form of medicine, and still one of the most effective even for modern health problems. While the best approach is to eat a diet composed of healing foods, it is virtually impossible to do so in our current environment of commercial farming and depleted foods.

Nutritional supplements from concentrated whole foods provide a balanced blend of complete nutrient complexes from plant, mineral and animal origin. For example, whole beet concentrates strengthen the liver and buckwheat is excellent at strengthening blood vessels.

By combining dietary healing with whole food supplements targeted to an individual’s unique needs, one can greatly accelerate the healing process. The practice of rational intervention is a strategy to increase VITALITY and JOY.

Many of our physical conditions respond and even resolve with specific nutritional support. I encourage people to include nutritional evaluation as part of their whole person care.

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