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Chiropractic Service

“BGI empowers chiropractors with, not only the “how” of adjusting, but the “why”, blending perfectly the philosophical concepts of chiropractic with the science of quantum physics.”

~ The American Chiropractor

Chiropractic Service: About

Bio-Geometric Integration

BGI is an honoring approach to chiropractic that incorporates low force contacts with gentle structural adjustments to help the body remember that it has the ability to:

  • Release stored tension

  • Create new strategies for coping with stresses in each moment

  • Increase physical and emotional flexibility

  • Experience a greater sense of well-being

There is an intelligence inside of you that coordinates, renews and heals every cell of your being. With no conscious thought, it beats your heart, digests your food and helps you learn from and adapt to the environment. Chiropractors call this vital life force Innate Intelligence.Your nervous system, consisting of your brain, spinal cord and an intricate web of nerves, is the main distribution system for this Innate Intelligence. It is constantly balancing between receiving and integrating information from both inside and outside the body. At times, the information coming in is more than our body’s systems can handle. Rather than crashing like a computer, the body’s wisdom adapts and compensates by storing that information as an interference pattern in the nervous system that reflects through the body as a pattern of tension. In chiropractic we call this interference sublaxation.

sub/lux/ation  =   less/light/expression
Like static on a phone line, this nerve interference hinders the expression of your Innate Intelligence. As subluxations accumulate, the nervous system becomes progressively more rigid and the body expresses more dis-ease (lack of ease). The body’s ability to adapt, self-correct and recover from stress decreases. Also, since the nervous system is our “window on the world”, our perception becomes distorted making it harder to be in the present moment.

Chiropractic adjustment releases nerve interference, freeing up stored tension/energy for better use, and allowing a greater expression of your innate potential.

IMAGINE all your experiences perceived through a clear nervous system.

IMAGINE your innate intelligence expressed fully without interference.

IMAGINE your body flowing with every physical, emotional, and chemical stress it encounters.

Chiropractic Service: About
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